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Why SO? 

The WHY SO? project searches for reasons and possible solutions of the effective teaching methods-gaps in public education. The aim of the project is not to introduce new teaching methodologies - which would not be used in the same way as others. It does present some new techniques, but only in order to guide the experimentation of their implementation and to identify more precisely the factors that prevent the process from being successful. The main focus is on the experiment itself, its evaluation (which is supported by a SWOT analysis also) and the recommendations for solutions based on the evaluated results. A more precise understanding and definition of the causes offers the opportunity to build a network of coaches around public education, who, after appropriate training, can help teachers in the teaching process, taking into account their circumstances, the exact reasons for failure, understanding their personal and systemic problems, providing personalised and differentiated help, with a focus on mental health recovery.

Teaching-Learning Activity II: Effective Teaching Practices of the Erasmus+ project “WHY SO? Searching for Reasons and Possible Solutions of the Effective Teaching Method-Gaps in Public Education”

@Explica desenvolve atividade no âmbito do apoio educativo desde os anos 90 e tem seguindo um linha de desenvolvimento, sustentada na inovação e qualidade pedagógica que vem resultando na diversificação dos serviços prestados, no aumento do público alvo, na melhoria das infraestruturas.


Recentemente integrou a formação Erasmus+ na sua linha estratégica, através da oferta de cursos para professores, no âmbito da Ação Chave 1 do programa. Esta opção estratégica sustenta-se no facto de haver atualmente na Madeira uma larga experiência de implementação de projetos Erasmus+ nas escolas, nos quais diversos profissionais da @Explica estão envolvidos.
A larga rede de trabalho, o conhecimento alargado das escolas europeias a experiência de frequência de cursos estruturados levou-nos a acreditar que temos condições para oferecer experiências formativas com elevados standards de qualidade aos professores europeus.

O nosso compromisso é promover experiências de desenvolvimento profissional, de desenvolvimento pessoal, com condições de acolhimento de referência, num local tão especial como é a Madeira. Simultaneamente, pretendemos aumentar a rede de trabalho da @Explica e dos professores e instituições que frequentam os nossos cursos, com o objetivo de construir novas oportunidades de cooperação.
Os nossos cursos integram uma componente de aprendizagem formal, um programa cultural de conhecimento da Madeira, uma componente social de desenvolvimento de relações interpessoais e uma componente de continuidade da experiência vivida.



OID (Organization ID) - E10080563


@Explica develops activities in the field of educational support from the 1990s and follows a line of development, it has been following a development line, supported by innovation and pedagogical quality that has resulted in the diversification of the services provided, in the increase of the target audience, in the improvement of the infrastructures.It has recently integrated Erasmus+ training into its strategic line by offering courses for teachers under Key Action 1 of the program.


This strategic option is based on the fact that there is currently extensive experience in the implementation of Erasmus+ projects in schools, in which several @Explica professionals are involved. The wide network of work, the wide knowledge of schools, experiences the attendance of structured courses leading us to believe that we are able to offer high quality training experiences for European teachers. Our commitment is to promote professional and personal development, with conditions of reference, in a place as special as Madeira.


At the same time, we aim to increase @Explica's work network and the teachers and institutions that attend our courses to create new opportunities for cooperation. Our courses include a formal learning component, a cultural knowledge program of Madeira, a social component for the development of interpersonal relationships and an inheritance component of the lived experience.



OID (Organization ID) - E10080563

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