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Transnational Meeting I

  • 29-07-2022 and 12-08-2022

During the first and second online Transnational Meetings both partners defined rules of shared budget items, needed reports and formal requirements for the accounts, in accordance with the financial rules of the applicant country. The meetings were held Online in two days (29-07-2022 and 12-08-2022). The reason it was done online was due to the fact that, on the scheduled date to start the project, we had not received any funds. So that the project is not delayed, we decided to start. It was decided together with our partners that the funds destined for this meeting be redirected to Teaching-Learning Activity I.The aims, impacts, main actions, and products and management roles and a conflict resolution plan were defined. A chronogram with the action plan timetable was also created. a form was created to get the teachers/ trainers opinions.

TM I - foto.jpeg
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