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Transnational Meeting II

  • 10-02-2024 and 13-02-2024

Due to flight constraints from Funchal to Budapest and Budapest to Funchal, it was decided and agreed by both parties that the first meeting would happen on the 11th to discuss the project, and on the 12th we met at the school to continue the meeting.

This final meeting is an evaluation summary for the project and its participants. 

We discussed the following topic contents on the final Transnational Meeting:

  • Evaluation of the whole project and checking end products.

  • The learning progress of participants and the quality and number of end products.

  • Defining final dissemination steps for more extended valorisation.

  • Further common documents needed for finalizing the project.

  • Further steps, possibilities, advantages of future networking. Ideas, strategies for continuing cooperation and establishing sustainable federation.

  • Final report draft.

  • Development of English skills. Increasing motivation for communication in an international context. Easier communication with each other.

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